Know How Video Wall is Superior Over Other Digital Displays

A video wall system is a considerable investment for the majority of organisations. One has to spend a huge surplus to install an LED wall when the more affordable large displays, front projectors, or a set of individual monitors could also do the trick. To understand the importance of a video wall, one has first to know how video wall functions.


A video wall system is an array of high-resolution displays that are driven by a powerful processing system known as the video wall controller. So, even when a video wall looks like a single display, the technology behind it is far more powerful and complex. A video wall system can deliver the kind of interactivity, performance, and flexibility that is just not possible with the other basic solutions.

A video wall offers superior visual performance, flexible interactive presentations, and superior reliability and versatility.

Superior Visual Performance

Higher resolutions

As a video wall is made from an array of displays, the total resolution of a complete display increases. Thus, a video wall can have a massive display area and far higher resolutions as compared to a single display.

Powerful Processing

In an LED wall system, image and video processing are controlled by an external video wall controller, which can provide a far more powerful processing hardware that helps deliver fluid visual performance.

Superior Brightness

Most video walls can provide far better contrast ratios and more brightness than a front projector making them possible for use in environments with overhead lighting.

Flexible Interactive Presentations

Display Any Content

A video wall controller can take in signals in various resolutions and formats from many devices at the same time. The varied content can be accessed and showed on a single platform with the help of a video wall.

Dynamic Content Placement

In a video wall system, all the individual display tiles work together as a single screen. The controller can let the content window to be stretched across multiple displays, placed on a single display, or dragged across the display surface.

Content Manipulation Features

A video wall controller with a software interface with extra features can provide different tools for manipulating content on the displays.

Superior Reliability and Versatility

Reliable and Resilient

The video wall systems are built from professional-quality components, some of which are designed for 24/7 use.

Minimal Maintenance

As video walls are designed for high reliability and uptime, there are no consumable parts used in it, and hence it requires no or minimal maintenance for years of operation.

Flexible Size and Shape

Video walls offer more flexibility concerning size and shape as compared to a single display. They can be free-standing, curved, wall-mounted, or non-rectangular.

Because of these features, video walls can be used in varied environments.

Know How Video Wall is Superior Over Other Digital Displays
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