Leveraging Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

One of the most frequently done activities in a corporate environment is going through emails. With a huge chunk of emails coming every day into your inbox, it is but natural that you miss out on important emails. An essential email regarding a company event and social get together, or an essential change in the company may go unnoticed. A better solution to such communication overload is to employ a more convenient source of information such as digital signage. Digital signage can boost communication in the workplace in three key ways: interactivity, convenience, and culture.


Digital signage opens up the way to both communication and interactivity. For example, employees could submit appreciation for their co-workers or send suggestions for better working of the office. The feedback can even be integrated into the displays as content, which can be seen by everyone.

Digital signage can be turned into a one-way communication tool. Though, due to this employees lose the possibility to interact with each other and genuinely improve the overall content. Employees could share images from company or family events to the entire workplace.


While an email inbox is a place filled with spam, advertisements, and distractions covering important emails, digital signage concisely delivers explicit messages.

A company could put digital signage in clear sight anywhere like in the aisle leading to the conference room or in the coffee machine area. It could be used to advertise anything that could benefit employees like a new app. One can also use it to remind employees of the rules and regulations in the workplace.

Advertisers measure revenue per impression to know the impact that an ad makes on its audience. For an advertisement to earn more income, it has to create a large number of impressions among its target audience. The same logic applies even to corporate communication digital signage where it can be used to make more impressions among the audience so that employees inevitably get the message.


Another way by which digital signage can aid corporate communication is by improving company culture. Encouraging the employees to interact with digital signage can help add to company culture.

If your company is not that formal, employees can even share funny memes on the displays for the whole office. Similarly, a company with family orientated culture can share baby photos or photos of kids’ sporting events.

Leveraging Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

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