5 Simple Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills in Your Kid
Development of fine motor skills plays a vital role in a child’s overall development. While gross motor skills use the large muscles of the body and enable the child to do important everyday tasks, such as standing , sitting upright, walking, running and many more, fine motor skills use smaller muscles and enable the child to become independent in crucial activities like opening and closing doors, doing zippers and buttons, opening lunch boxes and developing academic skills, such as drawing, writing, coloring and many more, according to Kid Sense.It is very important for parents to know how to foster these fine motor skills in their child at the right age. It is also important to know that these skills develop only after the child has mastered gross motor skills. So, for performing everyday minute but essential tasks, the cognitive development of a child is necessary. One of the best ways to ensure both physical and cognitive growth in your child is to provide them all the essential nutrients in the right quantities. One easy way to do so is to include a fortified milk powder like Enfagrow A+ in their daily diet. This milk powder contains all the vital nutrients, including DHA, which is necessary for brain development.

Activities that can Help to Develop Fine Motor Skills 

  1. Construction Toys: Toys like Lego and building blocks enhance the strength of the hands and fingers, since they require pulling and pushing with the fingers. Such toys will also help children learn the ability of stacking and arranging things.
  1. Play-Dough: Play-Dough can help your child to use their fingers to stretch, squeeze, pinch and roll the dough. This will create muscle-memories for your child. Use bright coloured dough to enhance the creativity of your child.
  1. Thread and Beads: Give your kid various sizes of beads and threads and help them create necklaces and other accessories. This will help them to learn to pick small things using their thumb and forefinger.
  1. Cutting with Safety Scissors: It is very important for children to learn the skill of paper cutting, since it strengthens their fingers and develops the stability needed to control pencils and crayons. You can start by giving them simple shapes to cut.
  1. Craft: Let your little one unleash their creativity and develop fine motor skills by making things using old boxes, tissues, paper, wool and tape, says an article on Parents magazine.

What you should also know is the fine motor skills include hand-eye coordination, object manipulation, hand dominance, proprioception (body awareness), among others. As a parent, your main focus should be on the development of your toddler’s skills by encouraging them to try new creative activities. And remember provide all the essential nutrients to facilitate mental and physical growth. For this, a fortified milk powder like Enfagrow A+ can prove very beneficial.

5 Simple Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills in Your Kid

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