5 Things to do During the Language Development Stage of a Child

While all developmental milestones of a child are crucial and important. The language development particularly needs more attention. In this development not only is the speech development but, the basic understanding of the language is acquired too.

Things such as expressing one’s feelings and mood are honed at this stage. Similarly acquainting with new words or words of daily use also happens in this phase. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that not only learning but, the execution of the learnings takes place in this phase simultaneously.

Parents particularly play an important role in the language development. The child is constantly learning and receive what he/she hears, at all times. A child’s understanding of how to use the language comes from observing how the parent uses it. Thus, it is important that the parents engage in more and more conversation with the child.

Below we list 5 simple things that to do that will support the language development of the child efficiently:

  1. Talk, read, and tell stories:

By talking we mean, engaging in both verbal and non-verbal communication. At this time, it is important to note that the child is observing everything. Right from what word brings that twitch around the corners of your mouth to at what word should the eyes widen. Everything is registered. Also, during language development things such as understanding what happens when or what to say when are learned. So, keep asking your child questions as you engage in various activities with them. For instance, if you are taking the child for a bath ask them question such as, “can you feel the warm water on your belly?” or tell them the activity that us succeed after this such as, “once we finish taking a bath, we are going to put on clean and fresh clothes, and go to the park for a walk.”

Engaging in a conversation like so will help the child understand how the conversation is linked.

It’s never too early to commence reading. Reading helps the children connect with words physically. Take them to the library, familiarize them with textual communication and the silence of the library. The future success of reading in a child necessarily commences in the primitive years.

Similarly, storytelling also helps the child comprehend how to connect the dots and polishes their expression of feelings and moods.

  1. Visit places:

Another brilliant way to hone your child’s language development is by taking them to visit different places. Start with something as basic as zoo or parks then gradually take them to different countries via every possible mode of commutation. This is important, as first-hand experiences more vivid in their memory that the knowledge that any book or internet can give them.

  1. Let them take the lead in communication:

Sometimes it is necessary to pretend or fake unawareness. Let the child take the lead in communication. This will boost their morale and will give them the confidence to use words on their own and be sure of it.

  1. Don’t criticize:

He/ She will be getting that a lot from the world eventually. The best way to address a child’s articulation and speech patterns is by repeating their sentences with the correct articulation. Appreciate their efforts and compliment them if they get the articulation right.

  1. Keep the use of television and computers minimal:

Even if they are educational programs, keep the use of any electronic communication at bay. The electronics create hindrances in the natural development of the senses. Language development invariably depends on how well the senses are development.

Apart from this what the child eat or the activities he/she engages also has a huge impact on the language development.

5 Things to do During the Language Development Stage of a Child

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