Baby Development Milestones and Their Implications

For parents, nothing can be more delightful than to see their munchkin growing up. In their growth period, kids undergo rapid phases of self-discovery of their senses, hands, feet, emotions and more. Parents should understand that the pace at which a child develops significantly differs from that of other children.

At the same time, it is important to know that kids attain certain set of functional skills roughly at the same time. These skill sets are known as developmental milestones, which usually occur at specific ages. Knowledge of the major milestones allows parents to help their child achieve their full potential in a particular skill and develop new skills. This also helps in the early identification of developmental delays, which in turn helps with early intervention and in many cases, it helps overcome the delays if caught early enough. It, therefore, becomes important to know the baby development milestones, especially given that the prevalence of autism seems to be on the rise in India, says an article published by The Times of India.

Here are the major major milestones that you should keep track of.

Birth to 3 Months

  • Responds to loud noises
  • Grasp their parent’s fingers
  • Focuses on faces
  • Smiles at their parents
  • Makes sounds like gurgles and coos

4-6 Months

  • Able to grab a toy or hairs
  • Smiles and laughs
  • Rolls over their tummy and back
  • Can sit up with support

7-12 Months

  • Starts crawling
  • Waves goodbye when asked
  • Understands their name and other words
  • Stands with support against a coffee table or sofa
  • Can move on music and songs
  • Takes their first steps holding their parent’s hands

1-2 Years

  • Eagerly listens to stories
  • Starts communicating with their facial expressions
  • Starts walking and climbing stairs with support
  • scribbles on paper
  • Starts to use a spoon and fork

2-3 Years

  • Says names, places and colours
  • Vocabulary increases
  • Can brush their teeth with a little help
  • Throws tantrums
  • Gets angry and irritated faster

As children grow, they crave to achieve independence. Achievement of the developmental milestones in toddlers helps them develop a distinct personality. Check the complete developmental milestones chart to help keep track of how your child is developing.

Parents are required to partner with their kid when they are exploring their surroundings. It is recommended to not leave children unattended for long, since they can invite trouble for themselves.

While your baby is busy achieving their developmental milestones, make sure you are providing them adequate nutrition to aid their overall growth. Given how picky kids can get about food, choose to give them a daily dosage of a fortified milk powder like Enfagrow A+ to foster their brain development, and strengthen immunity, overall health and physical growth.

Baby Development Milestones and Their Implications

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