A Peek into PRP for Hair Treatment

Hair loss can be hurtful. It can give a severe blow to your confidence as many people see hair as a big part of their personality. Also, hair fall may start showing at a very young age. Many solutions can help you gain hair, PRP for hair treatment is one such solution.

PRP for Hair Treatment Procedure

The term PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, and PRP for Hair Treatment is aimed at strengthening the existing hair follicles and reviving the inactive ones.

Hair transplant is becoming an increasingly popular hair growth option for men and women. The hair transplant procedure can be coupled with PRP for hair treatment to support hair growth. Also, note that PRP for hair treatment can also be used on its own.

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment procedure is infused via an injection into the area that requires hair growth. The Platelet-Rich Plasma assists the blood to use its growth factors for hair growth.

PRP for Hair Treatment Benefits

  • The PRP treatment gives your living follicles extra strength and reawakens follicles that have become stagnant
  • It can be used as an individual treatment or as a procedure after a hair transplant
  • PRP treatment helps reduce redness, scabs, and inflammation
  • It gives transplanted hair follicles a fairer chance to flourish

PRP for Hair Treatment Process

Here is how PRP treatment works to restore hair growth.

  • Firstly, some blood is taken out from your body and placed in a centrifugal machine.
  • The machine isolates Platelet-Rich Plasma from the blood.
  • The PRP is then activated using DNA activators and enriched with calcium chloride.
  • The resulting PRP is then injected into the area that needs hair loss treatment.

PRP for Hair Treatment Results

There is no guarantee that PRP for hair treatment would definitely work. While some cases get desirable results, some don’t. Also, it takes time before the results of the procedure start showing.

All in all, PRP for hair treatment is a safe procedure ideal for most people. Again, it is an excellent complement to a hair transplant procedure. You can opt for PRP hair treatment procedure to fight against your hair loss. Also, as there is no surgery involved in this procedure, it has low risks and is thus accessible to many hair loss sufferers.

A Peek into PRP for Hair Treatment

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