Easy Hair Loss Solutions by Small Changes in Lifestyle

Following are some easy hair loss solutions that can be achieved by small proactive changes in your lifestyle. Also, learn about hair loss solutions for women in the below write-up.

Keep calm

Both sudden and long-standing stress can adversely affect your hair growth. Also, it is seen that if you have passed through a stressful experience, hair grows back when your return to normal. Meditation can turn out to be a beneficial hair loss solution exercise if you are experiencing chronic pressure.

Massage scalp

Every time you shampoo your hair, you have a chance to massage your scalp. Rubbing your head while bathing results in better blood flow to the scalp. A better blood flow provides a better environment for hair growth.

Air-dry hair

Air-drying your hair is one of the most natural methods to take care of your hair as the use of hair dryers and irons for drying hair can cause thinning and breakage in hair.

Summer hair care

Hair becomes dry in summer due to heat. The average moisture the hair needs is around 8 to 10 per cent losing which results in brittle hair. Use thermally active heat protectant on your hair during extreme temperature conditions. The protectant coats your hair strands and thus the moisture remains intact. Again, the ultra-violet rays from the sun adversely affect the hair cuticles and weaken them.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, good health of hair is connected to two things: blood and kidney energy. These two aspects nourish your hair.

Eat right nutrients

Our hair requires zinc, protein, iron, and vitamin B12. These nutrients can be attained by eating leafy green vegetables, nuts, meat, beans, fish, and other iron-rich foods.

Hair Loss in Women

Like men, genetics is responsible for hair loss in women too in around half of the cases. Metabolic activities count for the other half hair loss problem in women. A woman’s body goes through many changes because of pregnancy and menopause.

A pregnant woman’s diet requires special attention as the hair shed during that time may never come back. During menopause, there is a 90 per cent reduction in estrogen levels. The imbalance in hormone levels leads to hair loss. In such conditions, replacement therapy is helpful by which estrogen levels can be restored.

The second hair loss solution option is the use of regenerative medicine to regenerate your hair through your body stems. Another common cause of hair loss in women is low haemoglobin and thyroid hormone levels. Even a drastic loss of weight can lead to thinning or hair loss.

Easy Hair Loss Solutions by Small Changes in Lifestyle
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