How Breastfeeding Plays A Pivotal Role For The Mother's Health?

Mother’s milk is often considered to be the best and the most nutritious source of nourishment for the infants and the newborn babies. Research and investigations into this arena have revealed the fact that mother’s milk contains all the necessary nutrients like sugar, glucose, lactose, and fat that can help an infant to grow best and fastest as compared to all other neonatal food items available in the market.

This is why some of the best maternity hospitals in Bangalore and also the other cities of the nation encourages their new mothers to breastfeed their children for at least the first six months of their lives. This is one of the most pertinent ways through which the infants can have a nutritious and strong childhood ahead.

However, breastfeeding is a practice that is not just helpful for the babies. This is a practice that has also been proven to be very helpful and beneficial for the health of the mothers as well. Let us take a look at the benefits of breastfeeding as a practice for the mothers.

Release Of Hormones – The practice of breastfeeding is one release a high dose of beneficial hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin. These hormones help the mother to feel peaceful and happy. These hormones help the mother to feel a strong bond and connection with her child and focus on the child better. Oxytocin is a hormone that produces an overwhelming feeling of love and attachment for the mother. Oxytocin also helps the uterus to return to its original form and size. It also reduces the chances of occurrence of postpartum bleeding.

Health Benefits – Breastfeeding is a practice that can help the mother to avoid ailments like ovarian and breast cancer in the future. It also helps the mother to lose weight. It also helps the mother to avoid diabetes type 2, cardiovascular ailments and also arthritis. The blood pressure and the cholesterol level can also be kept in a check.

Additional Benefits – Artificial milk for infants can be expensive and making the formula at odd hours of the night can also be a real botheration. Hence it is always good to practice the phenomena of breastfeeding. It makes taking the child out quite easy and simple. You can now move out without having to carry heavy bags filled with bottles and milk cans and boiling water. It is also much easier for the infant to digest mother’s milk, hence the general health concerns of the child is also believed to be less if it is kept on a diet of mother’s milk.

Very importantly breastfeeding is a practice that can really help to define the mother-child relationship. This is a parenting behavioral pattern that can be done by a mother alone. This is an activity that often gives a mother a lot of solace and peace. This is why it has been seen that mothers who have breastfed their first child repeat the process with their other younger siblings as well.

How Breastfeeding Plays A Pivotal Role For The Mother’s Health?

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