5 Dining Room Design Ideas for a Graceful Dining Space

Of all the rooms in a home, the dining room is the most special one. It is the place where we gather to mark happy occasions meet family and friends. Since your dining room holds for you many special memories, it deserves a distinctive decor. The key here is to strike a balance between elegance and comfort. Find the 5 dining room and dining chair design ideas for an elegant dining space.

Ground the floor with a rug.

First of all, the dining table has to be the focal point in the room. Again, it may feel empty due to the table alone, so ground the floor with a rug for colour and texture. Make sure to keep the carpet about 24 inches wider than the table on each side for chairs to easily slide out without going over the rug’s edge. Also, having a carpet in the dining room will give your room with a sense of warmth and comfort.

Keep the dining table subtle.

The dining table accompanied by dining chairs is the most critical piece of furniture in the space. It can be tempting to choose something offbeat to make a statement. But keeping the table neutral means your table will remain timeless despite passing trends. Nevertheless, it is essential to focus on the construction quality of the table. Consider using natural materials like wood, glass or stone.

Give the room multiple lighting.

Using two or more lights in your dining space will not only create a beautiful visual over the table, but it ensures that the light spreads evenly throughout the room. Also using recessed lighting in the corners may also work well. While purchasing the lighting for your room, choose two or three matching fixtures. Look for accessories that come ready with dimmers so that you can quickly set a sense of ambience.

Go for wall art.

If there is one room in your home where you can show off your art love, it has to be your dining room. Unique creative work will bring energy to space. Aside from displaying your favourite art form, it is essential to consider the size.

Play with mismatched dining chairs.

Traditionally, every design element is matched down to the smallest detail at formal spaces. However, a trend of mixing and matching pieces of furniture like dining chairs is at its peak. The mix and match dining chair design gives the space a more relaxed feel. However, maintaining one coordinating element is the key to get this look work. For example, if all the chairs feature different artistic details, make sure they are made up of a similar material.

5 Dining Room Design Ideas for a Graceful Dining Space

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