Colour Me Happy

Colour can make us feel motivated, fill us with confidence, calm us or even spark romance. It affects our attitudes and our minds and is an important thing to consider when making your decorating choices for your home. You desire a look that’s well-balanced throughout the room, paying careful focus on just how shades in the furniture, floors, walls, and decor all enhance each other.

We’ve put together a short list of several of the best colour schemes for your living-room. Whether you’re trying to find a peaceful area for relaxing or something happy as well as invigorating, you’re sure to find something sure to brighten your mood here.

  1. Think Pink

Interestingly enough, there is such a thing called the Pink Effect. Pastel pinks are great for kids rooms and when paired with light grays, it gives the space a much more sophisticated feel. Dark grey cushion covers  and rugs can be used as a nice visual comparison, ensuring that the various other shades in the area do not get washed out. Pink has the opposite effect to its primary colour, red, as the longer you are exposed to it, the calmer you will become.

  1. Blue is the warmest colour

If you desire a wonderful, peaceful room, stick to light hues of blue. The blues are refined and represents serenity, intelligence and protection. Too much blue however can make a room feel cold and people feel unwelcome – be sure to balance this colour with warm undertones such as yellows and creams to maintain the right amount of warmth. 

  1. Spice it up with Red

Known for its assertiveness and spontaneity, red is a color that breathes energy into a  room. When it comes to your decor, it can be a showstopping focal point. Whether you’re going for down to earth or modern and eclectic, a red colour palette gives you a variety of options to explore. For an urban-inspired room you need a palette with just the right balance of cool and invigorating tones. A pale red draped against two contrasting gray cushion covers creates a timeless yet modern look. For a retro-inspired look pair a toasty brown bedsheet with a glowing orange and fiery red rugs.

  1. Go neutral

Grays as well as blues are normally considered neutral colours, however they don’t need to be uninteresting. With a light background on the wall surfaces, you require the somewhat darker shade bedsheet or rugs for equilibrium. Turquoise accents have the very same soothing results of various other blues but are a bit unusual. Moodier tones are a thing for living rooms and bedrooms this year. Add patterned cushion covers, colorful rugs, and greenery for a Moroccan-inspired cozy room. 

  1. For the love of White

Crisp white can at times feel too stark and hospital-esque. Stone white on the other hand has a little more warmth to it, so it feels more inviting. White mixed with black are a timeless duo. But, for those of us who like a little colour, adding the unpretentious and masculine maroon can completely transform the look. And for a nice pop of colour, sprinkling a little topaz throughout is the ideal choice for cozy accents like cushion covers. 

  1. Create your own sunshine

Sunny rooms are trending again. If it’s too bold for your walls, incorporate it into your furniture, instead. Sparkling with heat and vitality, this palette can embolden any decor. The theatrical red paired with the zesty yellow is reminiscent of warm summer sunsets. If you’re updating your living room, this colour scheme conjures up a sense of candy-coated adventure that you can’t wait to explore.

Be it your eccentric soul or an idiosyncratic personality, products at caters to all your mood temperings.

Colour Me Happy
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