Take your Pick from the Several Types of Sofas Available

From bar stools to coffee tables, and sofas to entertainment centres, interior furniture pieces carry a huge selection of gorgeous living room furniture to liven up your home. Whether your style is contemporary chic or traditional classic, you’ll find unique pieces to fit your vision and your home. There are multiple ways to accentuate the look of your living room with the help of different furniture pieces. Some of the common pieces of furniture found in every home are sofas. Sofas can be placed in almost any room since they not only offer comfort but make for a good furniture piece – look wise. Sofas are a standard piece of furniture. You can find interior furniture Dubai showrooms that sell brilliant luxury sofa sets that accentuate almost any room.

Choosing a sofa style is a big decision, not only because of the cost but also because they set the tone for the style of the room. While most furniture designers have their own unique interior furniture pieces like sofas models, there are ten of the common silhouettes and names for sofa styles.

Bench Seat: A bench seat sofa type is a single cushion that goes the entire length of the sofa.

Camelback: A common type of sofa, which has a back that’s highest in the middle, shaped like a camel’s hump. This type of sofa style can be placed in a modern room setting as it lends out a luxurious feel.

Deck: The bottom structure of the sofa where the seat cushions rest. In loose-cushion deck sofa models, the deck is usually upholstered in a neutral-coloured fabric instead of the upholstery material.

Loose Cushion: A sofa which has cushions that are not attached to the sofa base. These tend to be very comfortable and easier to clean. Such sofa models can have a pillow back with tight seat cushions or have a tight back with loose seat cushions.

Rolled Arm: A sofa style with arms that curve outward, usually cushioned. This is a classic and traditional sofa style.

Sectional: A sofa that comes in multiple parts that can often be rearranged to make a new shape. The most common is the L-shaped sectional.

Sleeper: Any sofa that can be adjusted to become a bed, whether it’s a pull-out model or a futon style that leans back.

Square Arm: A sofa style with arms that are boxy and usually cushioned. These models are more streamlined and modern.

Take your Pick from the Several Types of Sofas Available

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