Benefits of Using a Latex Mattress

For a good night sleep, your mattress must support your body for proper alignment of your spine. The support and contouring of a mattress help to evenly distribute your body weight, which significantly reduces the pressure points and helps to improve your blood circulation. Good blood circulation is essential and required for good health. Hence, a good mattress can improve the quality of your life.

What is a latex mattress?

Latex is a natural product that is made from the sap of a rubber tree. Therefore, a latex mattress is naturally elastic, and this elasticity is critical for the ability of the bed to mould itself precisely as per to the shape of the body, whatever be the sleeping position. This, in turn, enables the spine to be in its natural place, which reduces excessive pressure on specific points of the body and ensures healthy blood circulation during the sleep.

Main benefits of a natural latex mattress

  • Latex is made from the rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis, and so it is free of any harmful chemicals.
  • A latex mattress provides continuous support. Latex is comfortably soft at first touch, and in your sleep, as you settle deeper in your bed, latex gives full support. That is the reason why latex is ideal for providing back support.
  • Excellent pressure distribution in the body clears the way for proper blood circulation.
  • Latex is elastic and hence, allows you to move freely at night. It ensures support in every point of your body.
  • Latex is naturally anti-dust, anti‐microbial and anti‐bacterial and so, good for people with allergies.
  • Latex provides good breathability in the mattress that helps to give a comfortable sleeping temperature and excellent moisture absorption property. It has an open cell structure and ventilation holes that provide a fresh environment to sleep.
  • Latex mattresses last longer than the beds made of any other synthetic materials like spring coil and PU foam.

What is the ideal firmness for a latex mattress?

A very firm mattress does not help to relieve the back pain. In actuality, you need a mattress that is comfortable and hard enough to support your body. Our bodies are not entirely flat. Hence, when a mattress is too hard, and you sleep on it, you get no support. Our body weight is supported by two pressure points that result in inadequate blood circulation. A mattress that is sagging in the middle, where the heaviest part of your body lies while sleeping is terrible for your back as it does not provide your body with the required support.

The right mattress gives both comfort and support while sleeping. It is soft and comfortable at the first touch, and as you sink deep, it provides full support to your body. Hence, your spine stays in the right position, and the pressure of your body is evenly distributed. A 100% natural latex moulds perfectly to your body contours and is also elastic.

Benefits of Using a Latex Mattress
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