This is How You Select The Right Sofa Set for Your Home

Buying of sofas is one of the most important investments you make out of all your living space furniture. The following information will help you select the right sofa set design for your home:

Focus on Fabric

Whether you go for a pattern, neutral colour or bold colour, your choice of upholstery in your sofa set design will have a significant impact on your living room. Hence, select the tone and upholstery that fits with your living room colour scheme. Also, natural materials may fade in direct sunlight so in such a case, go for a synthetic fabric. A sofa set is especially essential for a busy home, and hence, in case you have a pet, opt for a material that is easy to clean.

Measure Up

Roll out the tape and measure the dimensions of your room. Find out the maximum sofa set dimensions that will fit and look good in your living room. Again, check the dimensions of doors and stairways that your sofa will have to pass through to get to your living room. In case the access is limited, opt for the one with removable legs, a low-back style or a modular design, which can be easily found when you look for sofa set online.

Check the Cushions

The stuff that is inside a sofa is as important as what is outside of it. Feather-filled cushions are a great option if you are looking for comfort but require regular plumping. Foam or fibre filling may flatten out, and your sofas may lose its shape over time. Instead, go for a combination of feather and foam, as feathers give the comfort and foam, structure. A back cushion filled with feathers and seat cushion filled with fibre is a right combination.

Try Before you Buy

Average sofa seat depth is at least 60cm that gives plenty of room for leg movement. Even so, seat depths vary, and hence, it is better to try out different styles. Average seat height for most designs is between 45cm and 50cm. You can try different heights before you buy so that it suits the whole family. Also, check the total width of the sofa, if you like to stretch out on the couch.

Invest in a Good Frame

Spend as much as you can to bring home a quality frame. A right structure for your sofa set design will serve you many years of lounging. Buy the frames with a high guarantee period. A solid hardwood frame is a right frame but check for its metal construction before making a purchase.

This is How You Select The Right Sofa Set for Your Home
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