How to Buy Quality Furniture

Buying furniture may sound like a fun task, but when it comes down to the minute factors, picking out the right piece may become difficult. As you go around looking out for the perfect piece of furniture, there is a lot that comes into light to finding that strong, long-lasting piece of furniture. Anyone can identify a rip, scratch or stain or whether they like a specific color or two but understanding the exact quality of the furniture is difficult. Thus, to help pick out the perfect piece of furniture, here is a checklist that will make it simple.

  • Wood Composition

One of the basic understandings of wood is that there are two types; hardwood and softwood. Hardwood means wood from a deciduous tress while softwood means from a coniferous tree. When it comes to furniture pieces, picking out those that are crafted from hardwood is the best.

Any kind of solid wood or sturdy plywood will do the trick. If plywood, look for at least nine layers. Additionally, check the wood for knots, even on unexposed pieces. Some woods, like pine, are ‘knottier’ than others, and hence, less desirable. Similarly, avoid particleboard, pressed wood, or fibreboard. Veneer, which is a thin piece of premium wood is often used in high-quality furniture. If the base piece is solid wood or plywood, the only setback to veneer is that it limits the number of times an item can be refinished.

  • Wood Construction

Joint construction is the main determinant of quality furniture. Any piece of wood held together by nails or staples is a strict no. Similar is the case with wood glued together. The best joints are either dovetail or mortise-and-tenon.

  • Upholstered Furniture

Foam only cushions are considered less durable and less comfortable. If you plan on buying new furniture, enquire about the density rating of the seat foam. Removable back cushions may have foam as well but are more often loose fill.

Apart from this, there is a lot of information to keep in mind when buying furniture. Many high-end furniture brands help you understand the composition and construction of the item. However, same is not the case with others. Hence, when it’s up to you, browsing through such checklists is the easiest. Armed with such information, approaching high-end furniture brands or stores will seem less daunting.

How to Buy Quality Furniture

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