Reasons For Waterproofing Failure

There are varied reasons for a wide array of waterproofing services failures. A few of the reasons are explained below:

Deficient Quality Assurance

Review and oversight during construction by a representative of the owner is an integral part of the quality control process. Site conditions should not differ unexpectedly from designs even in unforeseen circumstances. It is possible for an onsite engineer who can respond to the last-minute changes without delaying the overall construction schedule. The design professional at the site can direct the contractor to protect the waterproofing installer from the potential damages of construction.

Design Omission

Unusual intersections, differential pressures, and multiple penetrations in constructions demand elaborate detailing, which is sometimes left at the helm of contractors by designers. For such unique configurations, if a waterproofing solutions team is not experienced, it causes a severe problem. Generally, the contractor faces an unusual arrangement in which a sophisticated design is demanded relying on standard details, but that is not sufficient. It is the designer’s responsibility to detail situations wherein waterproofing services have the possibility to be compromised.

Installation Error

Even rigorous drawings and specifications are of no use when incorrect material and installation is used in construction. For example, a careless backfilling may cause waterproofing failure; the same is the case with the use of heavy equipments. Such failures invite water infiltration and hence require concrete repair, extensive excavation, and waterproofing rehabilitation.

Suspending kitchen operations for waterproofing rehabilitation is not desirable. When leaks are ignored, water damages to structural systems can make things worse. Presence of a site representative during construction is essential for installation to proceed as per the intent. The benefit to onsite quality assurance is avoiding waterproofing services failure from the beginning. A formalized inspection can be the deciding factor between a successful waterproofing solution and a catastrophic failure.

Even for the best-performing systems, it is essential to look for signs of trouble so that that big problem can be stopped beforehand. In new constructions, owners can avoid expenditure in waterproofing services rehabilitation through a correct application, proper design, and taking due diligence in construction.

With wise investigation work and innovative water management strategies, even difficult waterproofing solution problems can be easily addressed. The best approach is to waterproof below-grade levels, kitchens, basements, tunnels, mechanical rooms, vaults, and sensitive spaces correctly and adequately from the outset.

Reasons For Waterproofing Failure

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