What are the different types of bath towels that you should buy?

One absolutely indispensable object of every household is the quintessential bath towel. Picking out the perfect towel is somewhat of a subjective matter – some people prefer lighter towels, whereas others prefer them heavier. With an array of options easily accessible, it is extremely convenient to buy bath towels online. In fact, if you have a preference, it is also possible to buy a towel set online.

Bath towels do not just possess utility, but they can also double up as a style statement. You can add a personal touch to your bathroom by selecting towels that fit into the theme you have developed for it. They can add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull interior, or they can simply accentuate the existing décor.

You can also go the extra mile and get your bath towels customized, maybe simply with your initials or any design that you may be partial to. The design may be considered secondary, however, and the texture and material of the towel its focal point. A variety of different bath towels are available, and it is a good idea to test them out before settling on a preference.

Here are some different types of bath towels that you should definitely buy –

Bamboo bath towels – Bamboo bath towels are made out of bamboo fibers, and incredibly soft and absorbent. They are also ecofriendly, which is an added bonus. They are definitely a type of towel you must not miss out on.

Terry Towels – Terry towels are made of fabric with uncut loops that can absorb large amounts of water. While the absorbency is increased, the soft feel of the towel is still maintained. They are usually made of cotton, but they may also contain silk, linen or other natural or artificial fibers.

Egyptian cotton towels – Valued for its softness and texture, Egyptian cotton is a long staple cotton. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are in high demand, and are often considered superior to other types of cotton due to its texture and durability.

Microfiber towels – Microfibers attach themselves to even the tiniest dirt particles, and ensure thorough cleaning. Due to their utility and efficacy, microfiber towels are a must-have.

100% Cotton towels – 100% Cotton Towels are widely preferred as they are skin friendly and extremely absorbent. A good organic cotton towel is super soft, absorbent and gentle to the skin. Best quality cotton towels may not be easily available in all stores, but you can find a wide array of choice of these bath towels online at spaces.in.

Since quite often you require more than just one or two bath towels, you can buy a towel set online for convenience. Spaces is a brand for the domestic market by the Welspun Group which has a legacy when it comes to manufacturing premium quality towels – it is known that 1 out of 5 towels in USA is manufactured by Welspun.

What are the different types of bath towels that you should buy?

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