5 Awesome ways to protect your Vintage Car

Vintage cars are special. Not only because they are one of a kind but, are the memories that are attached to it irreplaceable. However, given the busy schedules that we have, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain these cars.

Below we give you five super-easy and awesome ways to maintain, protect and keep your vintage car functioning. Right from something as simple as car insurance to changing oil, we tell all the easy tips and tricks to keep the charm of your vintage intact.

  1. Drive often:

One of the easiest ways to keep your vintage car functioning is driving it as often as you can. If not more, drive your car at least once a week. While driving ensure that you notice every single unusual example: if you hear an absurd sound of the engine you are probably over speeding your car. Also, keep your car well waxed and clean. The basic maintenance of the car will take it a long way.

  1. Change the oil:

In order to ensure that the car is well-kept on the inside too, you need to change the oil of your vintage car after every 3000 kilometres. Also, it is crucial that you keep an eye on the oil levels before you commence the drive. It is a common tendency of a vintage car to develop an oil leak if not in use. This invariably damages the car’s motor. If you do notice the oil leak, ensure that it is treated immediately. Also, regular oil check-ups will keep the car from developing sludge in the pan and oil galleries.

  1. Car covers:

By this we mean, both physical covers and car insurance cover. We’ll take a look at the latter in the next point. While buying the physical car cover ensure that they are made of quality materials that promises durability. This is will keep the car from having knocks and scrapes. The cover will also protect the car from dust, falling of masonry, sleeping cats, etc. Plus, less dust will result is less washing and will slow down the ageing of the car.

  1. Car Insurance:

While it is important to physically maintain the car, it comes with a cost. Literally. Maintaining a vintage is a costly affair hence, it is crucial that you have a sufficient financial corpse to do so. Another brilliant option is a car insurance. The car insurance policy not only covers for the damages, it also takes into consideration the yearly maintenance of the car and the cost you will have to incur. Plus, the car insurance also offers third-party covers, which helps you to cover the damages caused by you to a third car.

  1. Do not drive in bad weather:

Now, going for a long drive in the rains or a summer drive is all romantic and adventurous, perhaps in a simple car would work well. However, a vintage car is not a vehicle you want to get out in extreme weather conditions. The moisture and dust in the air lead to the formation of rust in the car. Also, avoid roads that are treated with salt or ash or any kind of chemical after precipitation.

Follow the aforementioned thumb rules and rest be assured that your vintage car will go on for long and help you create more memories.

5 Awesome ways to protect your Vintage Car

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