The necessity of Car Insurance in Kuwait

Driving is the thing which becomes a necessity especially when you are a working individual or travelling to a different country. Today, driving has not remained gender specific as earlier only men used to drive the vehicles. But it is to be understood that when you are in Kuwait, the country has lots of rules about driving and those have to be followed strictly.

If you are an expat or visitor, having an international driving license, but the person must have liability insurance for the vehicle. If found without the vehicle documentation and proper insurance in Kuwait, the person may face some legal actions with a penalty.

There are specific rules for driving a car in Kuwait, which are as follows-

  • Kuwait possesses right-hand side driving, i.e. the vehicles are allowed to go from the right-hand side (the cars have steering at their left).
  • You have a speed limit, depending on the area where you are driving and type of the road, i.e., city-streets, highways etc. On the highway, the limit is 120 kmph whereas, in the local residential and crowded area, the speed limit is 45 kmph.
  • Both the passengers sitting on the front seats are obliged to put seat belts. Similarly, using the mobile phone without the proper hands-free device is also an offence.
  • Street signs are displayed in both English as well as the Arabic Language, which have to be followed very strictly.
  • If you have children below the age of 10 years, they are not allowed on the front seats for the safety measures in case of an accident.
  • In case of an accident, the driver must remain at the spot until the police or other authorities arrive.

If you own a car in Kuwait, the registration is valid only for three years. If you choose to drive the same car even after the period, you need to renew the registration. Again, it is necessary to renew the car insurance with third-party insurance first, and then the car is taken for re-registration.

Third party vehicle insurance is must in Kuwait. You cannot drive on the roads of Kuwait without having proper third-party vehicle insurance. It is nothing but the insurance coverage purchased for the third person, is any casualties are noticed during the event of an accident. It is necessary because the driver or owner of the car is liable for injury/disability/death of the third party or his property.

In short, availing third-party and regular car insurance in Kuwait is not only necessary but supportive for your happiness. If by chance, you have missed anything from the essentials given above, fulfil it, today!

The necessity of Car Insurance in Kuwait
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