3 Investment options you need to seriously consider

Today, the growing need to have a plan B has led many of us to various forms of investment. Be it a simple PPF or Bank FD/RD or Systematic Investment Plans, we are all headed towards making the best of our financial corpse. However, with a variety of investment options available in the market, it has become increasingly challenging to consider which one suits your needs the best.

In this article, we shed light on three investment options that best among the lot. Investment options such as gold and real estate have been on the market for long, in this article we tell you why investing in them is a great option. Also, with mutual funds such as balanced funds, debt funds, diversified equity funds, etc. each of which offers the best chunk of the market. We have tried to put an end to your investment quandary. Read on, you can thank us later!

  1. Gold:

One of the safest and lucrative investment is the investment in Gold. Over the years, there are many who have opted for this investment and have reaped excellent profits through it. One of the reasons that make Gold such a lucrative option is because of the value that is attached to it. The share prices in the market for Gold, as a commodity will never go down. Which means in for of investment in Gold – physical, digital or paper – will not be a non-earning investment.

Also, another benefit of investing in GOLD is that the market trends show us a result that in times of uncertainty the Gold prices have seen a leap. However, financial investors advice to invest only a certain amount of the total financial corpse in GOLD.

  1. Real Estate:

Another good investment option is the real estate industry. It proves to be an asset even if you stay in it or rent it out for capital gains. While it may seem lucrative to invest in real estate, it is advised that one must not channelize all their financial corpse here. The real estate profits fluctuate according to the changing market trends and are very sensitive to it. Although one of the safest options, real estate investment must only be a part of the total investment.

  1. Mutual Funds:

The current buzzword in the market, Mutual funds although subject to market risks are still considered to be the safest form of investment. Primarily because the variety that it offers for investment. Mutual funds such as debt-equity mutual funds or balanced mutual funds are few of the options that ensure that your financial corpse does not hit a setback due to the ever-changing market trends. The balance funds in particular offer the best or stocks and equities that keeps your finances away from loss or market risks. Plus the professional management offered by the balanced mutual funds is also a contributing factor to grow your investments.

3 Investment options you need to seriously consider

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