5 Places to Explore Around Neral

If you are living in Mumbai or Pune, Neral is not a new thing that you haven’t heard of. Matheran, the nearest plateau on the top of Sahyadri Hills, is one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra. Thousands of people visit this place every year. However, there are several other places that you can explore nearby Neral. This article is much helpful for you if you are looking for flats in Neral.


You must have seen those ads saying flats for sale in Neral, and most of the times, the creative contains the photo of Matheran- the hill station. Discovered in the mid of the 19th century, Matheran gained a lot of popularity in British Rule. Today also, to retain the natural habitat and uncontaminated weather, any vehicle is not allowed to enter the plateau. You need to park all your cars at Dasturi Point, from where you can head to the top of the hill through the railway track. The mini train of Matheran is an attraction for children and even for elders, which runs on narrow gauge and takes approximately two hours to reach the destination. You can explore Multiple points such as Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, Echo Point, Alexander Point, Heart Point, and much more.

Chanderi Fort

While heading towards Neral from Badlapur, a square-shaped hill always draws your attention. It is nothing but a fort named Chanderi. If you are a core trekker, you must visit this hard-rock fort at least once. The scenery observed from here is incredible.

Khandala Ghat

Khandala Ghat is the passway that connects Kokan region and the top of the Sahyadris. While heading towards Pune from Mumbai, the train and even the road climbs the range entirely, and you reach at an altitude of 624 meters from the sea level. Lonavala and Khandala are two hill stations where you can spend your weekends with family. Numerous hotels and resorts can be found in these two cities.

Rajmachi Fort

The river Ulhas, on the bank of which Neral is situated, flows from the hills of Rajmachi fort. Made up of two small forts on the top of the plateau, Rajmachi tells its presence from the 7th century. A group of Cave- Kondane is carved in the base-hills of the fort. Many trekkers and travellers visit this fort at least once a year.


Known as one of the 1 Jyotirlingas, Bhimashankar is located at 30 km, and you can climb the mountain if you love trekking. Covered with dense forests, Bhimashankar can also be reached via Pune or Maalshej Ghat. Bhimashankar reservoir is also a worth visit.

If you are looking for flats for sale in Neral, you have such beautiful destinations around you that will bring you charm. Not just the places mentioned above, but you can also visit Prabalgad Fort, Kalavantin, Irshalgad, Dhak Fort, Barvi Dam, and much more nearby Neral. If someone from your friend circle is looking for flats in Neral, don’t forget to tell them too.

5 Places to Explore Around Neral

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