Steps to Prevent Water Seepage in Exterior Walls

If the exterior walls of your home are not waterproofed, your home is vulnerable to damage from moisture and seepage. Damp walls are breeding grounds for mould and mildew that can lead to health problems for home occupants. Such damage can be avoided by employing proper waterproofing solutions for exterior walls.

Because of heavy rainfall, water seepage in exterior walls is a common phenomenon in Indian homes. The use of single layer brick wall is found out to be the most common cause of water seepage in exterior walls. Again, 90% of the water seepage through cracks is because of the plastered brick walls.

Generally, water seeps through exterior walls within the first five years of the construction. The problem is further severed by high humidity and rainfall. High wind speeds also increase the likelihood of water seepage.

Several waterproofing solutions are available for waterproofing the exterior of your home. Employing these waterproofing solutions you can yourself prevent water seepage in exterior walls. Below are the steps to waterproof exterior walls:

Step 1

First of all, finish the concrete area of your outer wall by hiring a professional or using a paint stripper. You must expose the concrete for the waterproofing solution to penetrate inside of the wall and protect it.

Step 2

Secondly, wash the wall with a power washer and mild detergent to get off all the chemical residue on the wall.

Step 3

Afterwards, inspect the wall and patch cracks in the concrete that are larger than the size your waterproofing solution can effectively seal. Make use trowel and concrete filler to patch the cracks and level the filler. Allow the filler to completely dry.

Step 4

Next up, sandblast the wall or rough it using a wire hand brush to get it rough to the touch. A rough texture makes it possible for the product to grip the surface thoroughly.

Step 5

Rinse the wall again using a power washer to fend off any debris. You can keep the wall moist if required during the application of the sealant.

Step 6

Apply the waterproofing sealant with a brush or roller to the wall. Make sure you apply enough product that coats the wall in spite of the rough texture. If required, paint it the second time.

Steps to Prevent Water Seepage in Exterior Walls

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