10 Leadership Traits To Lead Better

While to some individuals leading comes natural, for some it comes with experience. But one must not forget that there are ways to develop leadership abilities. One can start with watching leadership videos over the internet. You will find many leadership videos ranging from motivational ones to speeches by great leaders. Know the below leadership traits to lead better:

  1. Be passionate about what you believe in: As a leader, you need to share your vision and live your values. The personal connection is more inspiring than the process itself.
  2. Do not go against the decisions made: Once a higher authority finalises a decision, it is yours even if you did not believed in it during the meeting. It is your job as a leader to get others to believe in it too and work towards a shared goal.
  3. Do not come up with solutions too quickly: As a leader, you also need to train and grow your team, and no-one learns anything new if you keep on doing what you already know, and do not give others a chance to learn by doing. Again, they may find a different and better way and at the least learn valuable lessons by making mistakes.
  4. Keep floating a sense of purpose: Your team may know what they do and how to do it, but by sharing knowledge of why they’re doing it with them makes a difference. Help them develop a broad understanding of what is the purpose of their job, as a leader.
  5. Talk less, listen to more: Your team will pay attention to whatever you say, just because you are in the position to say it. What is more important for a leader is to pay attention to what his/her team has to say, especially the individuals who think their opinion doesn’t matter. Giving attention to your team isn’t just enough, you also have to show them that you are listening by acting on what they tell you, and give them credit for the job well done.
  6. Focus on a few things that matter: There may be a hundred different tasks wanting your attention, but it’s the dozen chosen actions done carefully that deliver the results.
  7. Get out and about: It is hard to gauge anything while sitting in your office. By going on the ground, you will see what people do, rather than what they tell you they do. Seeing their commitment, you too will feel proud to be a part of the same team.
  8. Being right is not all: A splendid idea is of no consequence unless you can make others believe in it too, and then persuade them to help you make it a reality. The best way to go about this is to make the idea theirs.
  9. Keep an utterly positive attitude: Start any job keeping in mind that everyone is doing the best they can, and then look for ways to support them; much more rewarding than finding a fault.
  10. Do not be the smartest person: Being a leader does not mean knowing more than your team. Recognise, encourage and promote your team members as experts. Give your team the trust and freedom to be creative and do excellent work as per their knowledge. Your job is to provide the direction for a shared purpose.
10 Leadership Traits To Lead Better

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