8 Leadership Learnings from Julius Caesar

If there ever was any characteristic military leader in the whole history, that was Julius Caesar. He had the undeniable ability for strategy, and he stood out because of his customised leadership lessons, and he knew how to transmit his vision and wisdom to his followers. That surely has the upper hand over the present leadership video learnings. In return, his troops gave him the trust he required for his many victories. Let us learn leadership from the paramount leader by way of these eight leadership learnings:

Connection with his troop

Back in Rome, at that time it was said that Caesar knew the names of each of his troop man. That personal connection with his soldiers was enough to win their confidence in him. So, a leader does not need to be best friends with his team members but must have a personal connection with his/her team.

Communication skills

Julius Caesar was an excellent orator. He showed up at the Roman Senate, impeccably dressed and addressed his soldiers with a passionate speech. A good leader makes advancements to learn communication techniques that help him correctly convey messages.

Share information

A big reason for the success of the Roman legions was the information the troops had on the battlefield. Every troop member had as much information on the plan as Julius Caesar did. As a leader, you must make your team well informed and understand your perspective.

Max your potential

Roman soldiers were trained to use small pointy daggers with the help of which they conquered half the world. The troop was specialised in the use of these small light but effective weapons. Similarly, the tools you have at your hand will help you reach success. You have to learn to use them correctly and develop skills around them.

Take responsibility

In spite of the danger, Caesar directly communicated with his army because he knew that would boost a soldier’s morale. Being close to his people, allowed him to identify their weaknesses and correct mistakes. Like Caesar, a good leader must be accessible to his/her team, guide them towards the goal, give support to his people, and make quick decisions.

Celebrate achievements

Julius Caesar made sure everyone knew about his victories. As a leader, you must learn to communicate everything you achieve, so that your team feels a part of a joint project. While keeping a modest attitude, don’t forget to mention every little success and goal you reach along the way.

Today, a lot of leadership videos are available, which can certainly help you enhance your leadership ability. Make use of such leadership videos and other stories to become an exceptional leader, who people would like to follow.

8 Leadership Learnings from Julius Caesar
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