Tips to Flying Light

With every airline establishing limits on the amount of luggage you can carry, not just cabin baggage but also the bags that you check-in, learning to pack efficiently has become the key to hassle-free travel. On the other hand, we all like to carry along enough clothes and essential items so that our entire trip is taken care of, with something extra for unexpected events. What we end up doing is stuffing the suitcase, sitting on it to get it closed and then repeatedly weighing it to ensure we don’t get penalized for extra weight.

Thank goodness there are some airlines that offer extra baggage allowance. With this, a huge load, literally, is taken off our minds. However, even if you are allowed a higher weight limit, it is important to know the best packing tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks to Master the Art of Packing

  • Roll your clothes to make them smaller, such that they take up less space in your suitcase.
  • Whenever you are packing, remember to pack a few extra sets of clothes, just in case you have to change clothes due to unexpected rain or some other experience.
  • Never pack your electronic gadgets in the check-in baggage, be it your charger, power bank, tablet. All these need to go in your hand baggage.
  • While travelling, always carry a backpack, where you can put in things you might need during the journey, such as identity proof, flight tickets, electronics, and more.
  • Never forget to carry a jacket, Sometimes, a flight might just get too cold and make you uncomfortable.
  • Always pack deos and perfumes in between the clothes. This way the bottles will be protected against any sudden jerks and falls. You don’t want shampoo, moisturiser or perfume spilled all over your clothes!
  • While travelling, never wear too much jewellery, it will literally take you more than an hour to get past security.
  • Stop yourself from packing too many shoes, you really don’t need a different pair of shoes each day. Just take 2-3 pairs that will suit every occasion you are likely to face.
  • Double check if you have packed all your toiletries and keep them in one place with a durable pouch or bag.
  • Never leave the house without checking whether you have got all you need. You should have a photo ID with you and your tickets.


All these tips and tricks will make it easier for you to travel, even if you have extra baggage allowance.

Tips to Flying Light

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