7 menstrual cycle facts which you aren’t aware of

The menstrual cycle plays a vital role in every woman’s life and is distinctive for everyone. Though the basic purpose of the menstrual cycle is to help the reproduction, many of us aren’t aware of many menstrual facts. Periods bring many changes in your body other than that helping reproduction. So, have a look at the below pointers to get surprised by the unknown facts-

  1. Your eyes can start bleeding because of the rare period disorder-

This is known as vivid menstruation, which is very rare but a terrifying one. This condition makes you bleed from your other body parts also such as from your eyes. This is normally caused when the endometrial tissue gets passed on through your bloodstream. In normal terms, it is usually seen in your uterus.

  1. Intercourse during your period days won’t result in pregnancy –

Remember that periods and pregnancy always go hand in hand. Your pregnancy is not directly linked with your menstruation. Whether you are getting pregnant or not is completely dependent on your ovulation. Intercourse during menstruation doesn’t lead to pregnancy.

  1. Even if you miss on your periods, you may not be pregnant –

Most of them believe in this thing. There could be en number of reasons for missing out your periods such as stress, hormonal imbalance body weight, lifestyle choices and many more. This all affect your monthly cycles, which result in the form of being missed. So, before assuming get it confirmed by the doctor.

  1. When you are on your periods, your voice may sound different –

In this period, your reproductive hormones may affect your vocal cords. It then results in a change of your voice.

  1. Every month you shed a very little amount of blood-

Most of them think that during their periods, they are running out a lot of blood from their body. However, it is observed that a woman loses only 2.7 ounce (60 milliliters) of blood when they are on their periods. If we measure this, it is almost 16 teaspoons or just two shots of glasses.

  1. It is possible to have your periods during your pregnancy

You don’t need to worry if you shed a little bit of blood during that period. They are not experiencing periods, may be the color would confuse you. So, no need to get panic if you notice the blood, however, do not ignore it and consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Your concentration can slightly get affected because of your periods-

Don’t worry it won’t be that much serious. However, the menstrual symptoms may show some adverse effects on your brain functioning. Thus, you might also happen to experience lack of concentration temporarily.

Every woman should be aware of various menstrual cycle facts, which make your life easier. However, if you face any of these symptoms and feel uneasy about it, do consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore. He/she will definitely help you for the same.

7 menstrual cycle facts which you aren’t aware of

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